Wington Industrial Fan Supplier in Malaysia

Wong Electrical, one of the leading suppliers of electrical building appliances and accessories in Malaysia, supplies a variety of industrial fans, manufactured by Wington, a renowned Hong Kong company specializing in the making of air circulators and ventilation systems. Industrial fans supplied consist of axial and centrifugal types, including stand fans, blow fans, flow fans, propeller fans, and blowers. They are engineered to perform in top shape in the harshest of their respective settings, combining quality manufacturing with innovative design, ensuring reliability, cost-effectiveness and longevity.

The Wington industrial fans are ideal solutions to meet requirements of even the most demanding industrial applications, suitable for use in a wide selection of commercial and industrial setting which include factories, plants, hawker centers, retail outlets, offices and hospitals, quickly proving to be indispensable facilities and tools especially in the tropical climate of Malaysia.