Hand Crimping Tool Supplier Malaysia

Wong Electrical, one of the leading suppliers of electrical building appliances and accessories in Malaysia, supplies a wide range of hand crimping tools for use in crimping a variety of terminals, which include insulated cable end sleeves, insulated terminals and non-insulated tabs and receptacles, and so on, in a clean and effective manner.

All of the hand crimping tools supplied features optimal grasping position, light and compact overall structure and handle design, to ensure crimping work is done without fuss. Designed with high effectiveness and long service lifetime in mind, these hand crimping tools are made available at affordable prices as well. Whatever field installation, repair, maintenance work you have in mind which requires crimping, from something as light as phone and network cable installations, to something as heavy as air-conditioning and refrigerator installation, there will be one here tool here, the that is right for the job.