Floor Lamp Supplier in Malaysia

Floor lamps have become an important aspect of the interior home design that gives a design statement and also adds functionality by providing illumination. They typically don’t require any much installation than just plugging into an electrical socket and it usually stand-alone hence the name floor standing lamps. Since they can be used as a reliable task light, the ideal places they can be placed include close to couches, chairs, and tables. The materials used, type of lamp selected, positioning of the lamp within the room and the type of light bulb chosen can greatly change the mood and ambience of a room.

Wong Lighting is a floor lamp supplier that can be trusted to give you the best quality. All of our floor standing lamps are carefully selected to give the best luminance and bring out the room style. Here are some of the reasons to get a floor lamp Malaysia from us:

  • Varieties for each Style

There are different styles of lamps that Wong floor lamp supplier deals in. Each of these styles has a lot of varieties within them which gives customers many of options.

  • Durable

Floor lamps with metal and glass shade are durable compared to those with lamp shades that may turn color over years.  Good news is, fabric shades can be replaced and customed.

  • Attractive Designs

A floor lamp may enhance the décor of your home or environment besides its practicality.

If you require a floor lamp in Malaysia, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.